Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steal of the Day: Ruthie Davis Inspired Spiked Heels

For all of US who can't afford to drop $900 on a pair of Ruthie Davis Spiked Heels....

Luckily, Urban Original, has offered us this great shoe for only $42.40!

A new take on a fierce leopard shoe!


The.Glam.Garage said...

Hi Nik, its Terysa we went to college together. I saw your feature on TFB, Congrats! I'm subscribing to your blog, I have one in the works too :)

Kingsmomma said...

your link doesn't work

Nikki Dee said...

@ Kingsmomma I fixed the link!

@Terysa Hey Girl Hey! Thanks for the support!

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