Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trend Watch: Double Dosage of Denim

Wearing denim on denim use to be a major fashion no-no, but now days, it can be a show-stopper if styled correctly.

Tips For Doubling Up:

  • Use different shades of denim to break up your outfit. Try dark jeans with a light chambray top, or a denim top with black jeans.

  • Try it with accessories. A denim bag or headband with a pair of jeans is an easy way to rock this trend

  • Avoid looking costumey by shying away from anything western. If a costumey look isn’t what you’re after, skip pairing this look with cowboy boots, huge belt buckles, fringe, etc.

  • Pair it with something feminine. A pretty headband, blingy earrings, floral print, and girly shoes will break up the industrial look of double denim.

  • Try it out with these looks:



    Christy said...

    Found your blog while searching for other Louisiana fashion bloggers. I'm in New Orleans, nice to see other southern girls writing about style!

    Nikki Dee said...

    @ Christy thanks so much! Hope you visit more often.

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