Monday, November 15, 2010

14 Basic Wardrobe Essentials

One thing that many women complain about not having enough of besides time, is not having enough options to wear. Part of the reason is because each season women flock to the nearest mall looking to buy the latest and greatest trend.  While there is nothing wrong with that, there is something wrong with not having the basics covered. If the basics are covered, no matter what trends come and go, there would always be a wardrobe, with interchangeable pieces in her closet ready to be worn.  

When it comes to building a wardrobe, it's best to start with the basics. The updated classic items are the stand still items that can be mixed and matched throughout your wardrobe and can also be easily coordinated with the trends that come and go each season.

Another great thing about having the basis covered by owning the main essentials is that having such items allow you to develop your own personal sense of style. There is nothing like adding a signature touch to your wardrobe that speaks volumes about who you are, which is what true style is about and ideally should convey. 
The 14 Basic Wardrobe Essentials
1)  White Shirt - The White shirt is a wardrobe staple that can just about be worn with everything in your closet.  It can be dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a pair of jeans. A good white shirt can be a challenging find, but it is well worth the splurge. 
2)  Black Dress - The black dress is the "go to" dress for all occasions that can never stir you wrong. Whether worn with a cardigan, or by itself or with simple jewelry or statement jewelry - the black dress can go into any direction you want and need it to go.   
3)  Basic pant suit - A must-have for anyone and everyone who works in a professional setting or owns a business. A suit isn't only great for the work place, but the jacket and pants can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe.Ideally one should own a black suit and a gray or khaki colored suit. 
4)  Pencil skirt - The pencil skirt is the new power skirt. This style skirt is also a skirt style that complements a range of figures, especially a woman with curves. A skirt can be paired with the jacket from your suit, a white shirt, or a cardigan. 
5)  Neutral Tone Pants - For less formal days in the office or for more relaxed personal days a neutral pant in khaki or white is a great wardrobe canvas to own and can be paired with the trendy shirts you desire, tank tops, t-shirts or cardigans.
6)  Jeans - Although jeans are now available in every wash and every style, a straight leg jean or a trouser jean are the sleek styles that allow you to dress your jeans up or down - to accommodate any part of your lifestyle. Finding a good pair of jeans is well worth the splurge.
7)  Assortment of Tank tops and T-Shirts - Tank tops are great layering pieces that can be worn with more casual looks in your wardrobe.  Beyond the casual personal days, some less conservative offices in some metropolitan offices also allow them to be worn with suits and sleek sandals on casual Fridays. With tank tops and t-shirts, it's not necessary to make big ticket items. 
8)  Shells - Shells are sleeveless shirt options to wear under suits during warmer days. They are much dressier than tanks and come in more sophisticated fabrics such as silk or satin.
9)  Cardigans -  Cardigans are great layering pieces and can be coordinated anyway with anything that you own. Whether you add a sleek belt around the waist, or add a broach at the top, you can pair it with a pair of dress pants, jeans or a skirt - or wear it preppy or classy. 
10) Cocktail Dress - A cocktail dress is ideal to have on call for evening weddings or celebratory reception dinners.
11) Assortment of Basic Bags - When it comes to bags, it is best to have one option at least for work, day and evening.
12) Assortment of Jewelry - Basic earrings such as studs and hoops are a must, as well as basic bracelets and necklaces.   
13) Belts - Belts are no longer just for the sake of holding pants up, they are now the accessory of choice that gives an extra style flare to a jacket or cardigan. 
14) Basic Flat and or Heel - Shoes are one of the most loved items of a woman's wardrobe. For many heels are the go to shoe, but not everyone can wear heels, such as women who are pregnant, or women with foot or back problems.
If money is the issue, go to your local thrift to get the basics, then shop at boutiques or malls for your accessories!  Happy Monday!


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