Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Haul Monitor Strikes Again!!!

Today I was talking to my good friend Audrea about thrift finds, and realized that I haven't been doing a good job with posting all my new treasures.

So here's what I got last week.  I'm sure this isn't everything, but it will do.

This little animal print chiffon top is so beautiful on, and I am going to wear it to church tomorrow with the black skirt also featured in this post.

So you know I have gone Blazer Nuts, and I fell in love with this yellow blazer which can be dressed up or down.

This top must have been for me because I have saw it each time I went thrifting last week, but kept passing it up because it was a large, but today I bought it.  I love it actually and I can belt it and it will work 100%!

Love Love Love these V top khaki striped pants, which can also be dressed up or down.  I might event pull these off with some suspenders.

I needed a basic black skirt, and this one was a perfect fit for the perfect price. I think it was $1 after I got a discount.

These multi-color sequin shoes are just the cutest little shoes I have ever seen.  I wore them last week with just a white tee and jeans and the shoes were a attention grabber.

I like these shoes because they are so casual.  I wore these last week as well with a blazer, and jeans.   

This leopard belt was $.60 and I absolutely love it because of it's versatility.

I found out that my camera does have a self timer, so I will be posting photos of myself more often!


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